Local Electricians Provide Tips for Residential and Commercial Clients

By November 5, 2019 Electrical

Everyone fashions themselves a do-it-yourselfer. One area that should be left to your local electrician is your homes electrical system.

Any repair or installation service should be done by licensed electrical contractor.

With that in mind here are a few maintenance tips and things to be on the outlook for with your electrical system.

  • The National Electrical Code requires Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters in each room that has a water fixture. They can be identified by the red reset button on the electrical outlet. Many home built before 1970 do not have GFCIs in installed outlets. Homes built before 1970 might not have GFCIs installed in outlets. You should have an electrician replace all outdated outlets with ones with GFCIs.
  • If you are experiencing tripped breakers, it can be a warning sign of a problem with your electrical system.
  • If your lights flicker for dim at times, it is a warning sign of an overloaded circuit. Another indication of an overloaded circuit is a burning odor, or you experience a mild shock from an outlet.
  • Never plug more than one major appliance into one outlet and they all should be plugged directly in an outlet and not an extension cord.

Be sure to contact your local electrician at Master Electric, Heating & Air to help your electrical needs.

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